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61CPOM6AA - Consumer Fruit Tray - Pomegranate Tray

61CPOM6AA - Consumer Fruit Tray - Pomegranate Tray


Transporting fruit and vegetables is a science. There are many factors that influence whether or not the trip is successful. "Turning", "bruising" and "vibration" are just a few of the risks produce face when going on a road trip. The FDS Manufacturing fruit trays are designed to hold the produce in place so that burning and bruising of the fruit are minimized. Not only are the FDS Manufacturing trays the best in protection, the trays are made from fully recyclable PET. The FDS Manufacturing trays are available in black, however other colors may be available so please contact us about what you're looking for.


Pricing is Per Thousand ("M")


Fruit Tray Dimensions

Length – 15.0625”