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Along with our fantastic line of clamshells, FDS Manufacturing Company also provides both clamshell labeling and padding.

Clamshell Labeling

-We can label on both the top and the bottom of our clamshells.

-We can put the label in the corner or in the middle of the clamshells.  

-We can both paper and BOPP labels.

 -We are also able to apply tracking capable labels.  Please inquire with us on the systems we use.

Clamshell Padding

-We can apply padding to our clamshells.

-We can provide either Pink or Black "soaker" pads

-The padding can be done simultaneously with labeling on some types of clamshells.  Please ask us what clamshells have this option available.

-Clamshell Labeling and Padding-

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