Fall 2022

Photos from our archive:


Left Middle - Fowler, California -

One of FDS' first semi trucks, that we still have, loaded with

fruit trays.

Right Top - Pomona, California - Our corrugator waiting for the

parent rolls to be mounted to start the process of making

single face corrugated rolls.

Right Bottom -  Pomona, California - Another of our corrugators running single face corrugated and slitting the roll in the middle to make two smaller rolls.

Summer 2022

Remember, not only does FDS Manufacturing make clamshells for

produce, but we make single face corrugated for all of your industrial

packaging needs. 









Spring 2022

Everyday we add more and more to this site so check back frequently as we are adding things daily!



Winter 2022

Welcome to our new website!  We are excited to have a new platform to showcase our amazing products.  We are still uploading our products, so the website isn't totally complete, but we're close.  Talk to you soon! ;-)