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One of FDS Manufacturing's many offerings to make your product stand out and unique, is our ability to print on our single face corrugated rolls, sheets and die cuts.  Our master printer is highly talented and can produce an incredible amount of detail so one doesn't have to worry how the picture will look on the packaging.

Here are some of the details:  

-We can print up to two colors on either the facing (flat) side or on the corrugated side of the roll, sheet or die cut.

-We have three different print rollers (24", 33" and 55") to make sure you get the right repeat.

We also can coat rolls, sheets and die cuts with various water based coatings up to 60" wide.  From cohesive to wax coatings, we have you covered. ;-) 

Please inquire with us on any print or coating projects you may have.

-We can "flood" coat on one or two sides of rolls, sheets and die cuts.

-We can do both registered and random printing.

-Our printer is 60" wide which gives you a lot of options to the size of rolls you need printed.

-Paper Printing and Coating-

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