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-Green Manufacturing-

Engineering Green Concepts

Established in 1950, a family owned business, F.D.S. Manufacturing Company is a major west coast manufacturer of Industrial and Agricultural Packaging. Headquartered in Pomona, California with a 240,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and warehousing facility and with an additional 100,000 sq. ft. warehousing facility in Fowler California, we are proud to be on the leading forefront of the eco-friendly green companies in the paper and plastics industry.

Over the years, we have voluntarily taken pro-active steps in our manufacturing processes to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.  We feel that nothing should be wasted which is why we use many recycled materials in our products.  As you can see from the following, we strive for a greener tomorrow for all our familys' futures and we strive to expand our overall environmental impact with our various recycling programs.

Co-Generation Micro-Turbine project

FDS Manufacturing Company designed and installed our own electrical co-generation station utilizing 6 micro-turbines made here in the U.S.A. The turbines run off of clean natural gas and generate enough electricity to run our entire extrusion system and it's secondary components without the use of the public power grid which is good as electricity is expensive and in limited supply.

We designed a heat transfer system to utilize the waste heat from the turbines to heat and crystallize and cool our PET plastic once it has been converted into roll form.  We also utilize the generated electricity in the manufacturing processes. This has reduced our purchased electrical consumption by an estimated 30-40%. Overall energy efficiency of the systems approach 80%, 24 hours a day, giving us a distinct advantage over a solar cell system.

  • We utilize up to 80% recycled content in our PET products and our corrugated paper products. Our goal is 100%.

  • We utilize in-house regrinding processes of scrap/trim plastic leaving virtually zero waste.

  • Clamshells and Fruit Tray's are 100% recyclable PET and made from recycled PET pop and water bottles.

  • Clamshell and package designs have been re-engineered to maximize freight conditions, sometimes allowing up to 30% more product per load.

  • We make single face corrugated with recycled corrugated medium and a large content of recycled kraft papers. All corrugated trim is collected and recycled.

  • We have a strong office recycling program to reduce in-house paper waste.

  • We constantly look at facility needs in energy, waste, water management, sanitary and trucking to maximize efficiencies and to minimize ecological impact.

These eco-friendly and innovative steps in manufacturing and administration coupled with our top quality customer service and competitive prices is what makes F.D.S. a premier company to go to in our industry. All this allows our customers to receive the greatest level of benefit from the use of our products with the least amount of impact on the environment.

FDS' Co-Generation System Carbon Footprint 

(Source: United States EPA website)

Our Co-Generation System has saved 1,377 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from being emitted into the atmosphere.  

Which is equivalent to saving:

  • Annual greenhouse gas emissions from 286 passenger vehicles.

  • Co2 emissions from 154,368 gallons of gas consumed annually.

  • Co2 emissions from the electricity used in 206 homes for one year.

  • Carbon sequestered yearly by 1,128 acres of US forests.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions avoided by recycling 516 tons of waste instead of sending it to a landfill.


(Figures were generated from before and after the Co-Generation system was installed.  Annual usage of energy on the Plastic Dryer component and the Chiller component of the extruder were combined to reach the above totals.)

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