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-Manufacturer of Agricultural and Industrial Packaging-

FDS Manufacturing Company is a family owned company that started in 1950 and for over 70 years has grown into a major manufacturer of Industrial and Agricultural packaging on the West Coast. Headquartered in Pomona, California with a 240,000 square foot manufacturing and warehousing facility and an additional 200,000 square foot warehousing facility in Fowler California, FDS Manufacturing Company has thrived in both markets.

FDS Manufacturing Company produces high quality, eco-friendly standard and custom packaging for multiple industries ranging from food service, to cosmetics, to automotive.  In doing so, FDS Manufacturing Company has streamlined the processes to create these products so that they meet whatever your packaging need is. Currently, FDS uses extrusion, thermoforming, injection molding and unique paper converting processes to manufacture the products.  Click below to see all of our packaging offerings.


     FDS Manufacturing Company prides itself on making the very best agricultural packaging in the United States. With that in mind, FDS has created an entire line of clamshells to fit all the needs of the modern day packer. Our clamshell line ranges from 4.4 oz. to 4 lb. clamshells, in both Standard and Euro sizes. We use PET, which is 100% recyclable. Designed down to the last detail, the FDS Manufacturing clamshell is strong and reliable. We also have an extensive array of custom clamshells. Please send a request if you do not see what you are looking for. 

Fruit Trays

     Transporting fruit and vegetables is a science. There are many factors that influence whether or not the trip is successful. "turning", "bruising", and "vibration" are just a few of the risks produce face when going on a road trip. The FDS Manufacturing fruit trays are designed to hold the produce in place so that burning and bruising of the fruit are minimized. Not only are the FDS Manufacturing trays the best in protection, the trays are made from fully recyclable PET. The FDS Manufacturing trays are available in black, however other colors may be available so please contact us about what you're looking for.

Strawberry Baskets

      We have been injection molding Strawberry and Fruit Baskets since 1970. Our classic green Polypropylene (PP) baskets are the growers choice. Strawberries, Grape Tomatoes, and Cherry Tomatoes ship and store well in our baskets. Fruit baskets cool better than any other packaging available resulting in fresher fruit delivered from the grower to the customer.  Our high quality Polypropylene (PP) combined with meticulously maintained machinery result in superior quality baskets. Local manufacturing, multiple inventory locations, and our own fleet of trucks are what make our baskets the clear market leader. 


Food Service

     FDS Manufacturing introduces our new Food Service Packaging line. This line includes various sizes of Deli trays, Sandwich Containers, etc. All of our Food Service Packaging is made from 100% recyclable PET.

Single Face Corrugated

     Single face corrugated is a great packaging option and with so many sizes of rolls available, 3"-84" (custom sizing is also available); FDS Manufacturing Company has the solution for you. Our rolls are made with Kraft, bleached Kraft (white), or corrugated medium paper and feature several flute sizes (Jumbo Flute 7/16", A-Flute 3/16", B-flute 1/8", and E-Flute 1/16") to meet your packaging requirements.
FDS Manufacturing also has specialty coatings and options like: Seal Shield, a cohesive single face and HiFlex, a scored, highly flexible, single face. We also offer two-color printing on: the facing sheet, the corrugated side of the single face, or both sides.

Pizza Sheets

     There's nothing like opening a pizza box... and seeing a perfectly made pizza. Only to have the pie spoiled when you pick up the first slice and grease has soaked into the dough, making it soggy and unappetizing. 

That's where the F-D-S pizza sheet comes in:

-Made of B-Flute to raise the pizza above the box allowing for grease to drip away from the crust.

-Our pizza sheet is made with a FDA approved, bleached Kraft (white) paper.
-The F-D-S pizza sheet is constructed with an FDA approved, water resistant coating applied to the corrugated side of the sheet to aid in keeping the structural integrity of the pizza by wicking away the grease and condensation from the bottom of the food.

Angle Boards, Corner Boards and Frame Packs

     Furniture needs to be protected when it comes off an assembly line or when someone is moving from place to place. Angle pads are perfect for protecting the vulnerable legs and edges of furniture. When placed on an edge, the angle pad can absorb impact and provide scratch resistance, that will give you piece of mind when shipping furniture anywhere.


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