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12" x 250' Single Face Corrugated Roll

12" x 250' Single Face Corrugated Roll

Single face corrugated is a great packaging option and with so many sizes of rolls available, 3"-84" (custom sizing is also available); FDS Manufacturing Company has the solution for you. Our rolls are made with Kraft, bleached Kraft (white), or corrugated medium paper and feature several flute sizes (Jumbo Flute 7/16", A-Flute 3/16", B-flute 1/8", and E-Flute 1/16") to meet your packaging requirements.
FDS Manufacturing also has specialty coatings and options like: Seal Shield, a cohesive single face and HiFlex, a scored, highly flexible, single face. We also offer two-color printing on: the facing sheet, the corrugated side of the single face, or both sides.  Click this link to see our line of Single Face Corrugated rolls.



Width (Corrugation Direction) – 12”

Length - 250'



Flute Type – A or B-Flute

Paper Weight - 50# (Standard Grade) or 70# (Middle Grade)

Paper Color - Brown (Kraft)

Rolls Per Pallet –

A-Flute - 32 Rolls

B-Flute - 40 Rolls



-Made from 100% Recyclable Kraft Paper

-Can be coated on either the facing or corrugated side of the roll.

-Can be printed, up to two colors, on either the facing or corrugated side of the roll.


More Information

Please contact us by either this website, email or by phone, (909) 591-1733 to get a custom quote for your project or for further information on these.

  • Width


  • Length


  • Approximate Roll Diameter


  • Flute Type

    A or B

  • Paper Weight (Facing Sheet/Corrugated Sheet)

    50#/50# or 70#/70#

  • Paper Color (Facing Sheet/Corrugated Sheet)

    Brown (Kraft)/Brown (Kraft)

  • Rolls Per Pallet

    A-Flute - 32 rolls/pallet

    B-Flute - 40 rolls/pallet

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