24" x 250' Single Face Corrugated Roll

24" x 250' Single Face Corrugated Roll

Single face corrugated is a great packaging option and with so many sizes of rolls available, 3"-84" (custom sizing is also available); FDS Manufacturing Company has the solution for you. Our rolls are made with Kraft, bleached Kraft (white), or corrugated medium paper and feature several flute sizes (Jumbo Flute 7/16", A-Flute 3/16", B-flute 1/8", and E-Flute 1/16") to meet your packaging requirements.
FDS Manufacturing also has specialty coatings and options like: Seal Shield, a cohesive single face and HiFlex, a scored, highly flexible, single face. We also offer two-color printing on: the facing sheet, the corrugated side of the single face, or both sides.  Click this link to see our line of Single Face Corrugated rolls.



Width (Corrugation Direction) – 24”

Length - 250'



Flute Type – A or B-Flute

Paper Weight - 50# (Standard Grade) or 70# (Middle Grade)

Paper Color - Brown (Kraft)

Rolls Per Pallet –

A-Flute - 16 Rolls

B-Flute - 20 Rolls



-Made from 100% Recyclable Kraft Paper

-Can be coated on either the facing or corrugated side of the roll.

-Can be printed, up to two colors, on either the facing or corrugated side of the roll.


More Information

Please contact us by either this website, email orders@fdsmfg.com or by phone, (909) 591-1733 to get a custom quote for your project or for further information on these.

  • Width


  • Length


  • Approximate Roll Diameter


  • Flute Type

    A or B

  • Paper Weight (Facing Sheet/Corrugated Sheet)

    50#/50# or 70#/70#

  • Paper Color (Facing Sheet/Corrugated Sheet)

    Brown (Kraft)/Brown (Kraft)

  • Rolls Per Pallet

    A-Flute - 16 rolls/pallet

    B-Flute - 20 rolls/pallet