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AB2012GF - Rectangular Strawberry Basket - Diamond

AB2012GF - Rectangular Strawberry Basket - Diamond


We have been injection molding Strawberry and Fruit Baskets since 1970. Our classic green Polypropylene (PP) baskets are the growers choice. Strawberries, Grape Tomatoes, and Cherry Tomatoes ship and store well in our baskets.
Fruit baskets cool better than any other packaging available resulting in fresher fruit delivered from the grower to the customer.
Our high quality Polypropylene (PP) combined with meticulously maintained machinery result in superior quality baskets.
Local manufacturing, multiple inventory locations, and our own fleet of trucks are what make our baskets the clear market leader.


Pricing is per case


Strawberry Basket Dimensions

Length – 4.375”

Width – 3.875”

Height - 2-5/8"